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Well, in this section I'll write all my history to become a musician, subdivided in many sections...
Note that this document is quite old and not refreshed, so it can contain much English errors and it's quite incomplete! I'll release one refreshed someday.


I had the idea of the music very first, when I was 6 or 7, playing the piano and listening to some mainstream and FM-MIDI music (Dance genre in that moment is very listened). At the same time my passion was the computers (I've used the computer since I was born, I guess...), I had also an AMIGA computer, and I've used it just for play, and one day, in the 1998, when I've listened to an MP3 song on a ('98) modern PC, I had a doubt: "HTF can the AMIGA play this music when those floppy disks can't reach even 1 Mega byte?" And another day, I had the idea of the MIDI file, and I'm given an answer to me: "The music format of the AMIGA is the same as the MIDI file". With this answer, I've continued to ignore that wonderful experience, called "tracked music scene".


The years are passing, and in the 2002, I had a minimal idea of the MOD format, discovering in an AMIGA floppy disk a program which can play these files, and, searching for all my AMIGA game floppy disks, I have found some files, and these can be played with that program. I was wondered! And then I have given another answer: "The MOD format is the AMIGA MIDI format". In the moment, I have also used the PC, and discovered the MIDI composition programs (Cakewalk Pro Audio 3.0), and with this, realized my very first MIDI base, experiencing music composition. (The ringtone of "Dragostea Din Tei" of Haiducii, you can find it on "Extra stuff" section")
The time is passing to the fall of the 2003, golden time which I get really to the music producing. 15/09/2003: In that time, just for curiosity, I've checked for some stuff from an old Magazine CD (I guess is PC Action) and noted a program called "Digital-FM". I've opened it, and then I've noted really for the first time the functionality of a Tracker program. That program "Digital-FM" is an OPL2/3 FM-Synthesis music tracker, like Fast Tracker or so, but the music isn't by samples, but by FM instruments (remember Mega Drive or some Arcade sounds?). So I've decided to track my first tracked song using the preset FM-instruments (280 presets!); is a cover of an Italian song, only the chorus (the duration is just 16 seconds). Then I've saved it into a DFM module, you can find it in Extrastuff section of the site.


2 months after, on an installed a DOS game called "In Pursuit Of Greed" of the “Channel7” game house, another case of curiosity transformed to luck: just for it I go to browse the game folder with Windows 95, and noted a file with an extension .S3M playable with WinAmp... game music?? So I haven't hesitated to double-LMB Click on that file "INTRO.S3M", and after a few minutes of listening and detail viewing, I have discovered the specs of the music modules (but not the tracked music)!
Formats, Rows, Samples, Patterns, Orders, Channels... so I've gone to the house of a my buddy to go on Internet researching this music format called "ScreamTracker 3"; are passed only 2 days, and I've finally obtained that brilliant tracker program! After inserting that ZIP file into a 1,44MB floppy disk, I've ran at my home's PC to execute (from DOS) that program: "It's the clone of Digital-FM!" I've said before, because I haven't never seed a MOD-Tracking program, then "it's with this program which the music module file was made?", and this question send me to open the INTRO.S3M file with the official tracker, and: EUREKA!!! I'VE DISCOVERED THE TRACKED MUSIC AND THE TRACKING PROGRAMS, and with that the old AMIGA DOUB!! (The MOD-Format is a collection of PCM samples, played with several effects and volume change on 64 rows of a pattern, and with a pattern-playlist called "Orders") Tomorrow I have again gone to Internet researching some music modules, but before to do that, I've again browse the PC Action magazine CD to research to all the .s3m and .mod files, and I've find a program called "MOD4WIN" (And was my very 1st MOD-Player) with 4 example modules: I've read the manual, and with that, I have confirmed my providence, and also discovered other module formats (The original ProTracker, Fast Tracker ][ etc...).
And with that it starts my music production hobby (maybe also carrier…). I've started with collecting music modules from various web sites (I haven't discovered The Mod Archive yet) , for listening to it and rip some samples to insert in my very first (unofficial) S3M music module, a cover of Matrix Theme. (You can find all my songs on “Discography” section of the site). After other 2 training songs, I've finally realized my very first official CDE MusiX tracked module: “The Light of the Night”, an Ambient/Dance module, started with ScreamTracker 3, and finished with Modplug Tracker because I have bought new PC with Windows XP. (yes, my computer to make all those things was an old Pentium 1, with an FM-Synthesis chip! :D )


I've bought the new PC in July 2004, a Pentium 4 with 512 MB of RAM and 80 GB of Disk Space, and a 5.1 Soundcard. All these things have obligated me to use a Windows tracker program: farewell ScreamTracker 3, welcome ModPlug Tracker! (and thanks for Future Crew and Olivier Lapique!) With that, I've completed the S3M module “The Light of The Night”, and I've started some Impulse Tracker (IT) modules (similar to S3M modules), gaining experience and using also the instruments (ITI and XI files).
The same time I'm gone to the newspaper seller to check out some magazines talking about computer music, and for go to get in those CD some samples for continue to making music. I taken that magazine for the first time “Digital Music Italy” and reading it I have discovered new methods for make music, using Virtual Studio software: in fact, my first Virtual Studio was Synapse Orion Platinum, but I haven't never make anything with it, because it was a demo (except for a little drum sequencing project). With some samples of that magazine CD, I've realized my first track using sample-loops in ModPlug Tracker, called “Roland Juno106 Dance”, using also other Juno106 synthesizer samples, uploading it to The Mod Archive.
Visualizing some module details, I've discovered other music communities, one of these was CTGMusic. I'm go to that site, and, registering to it, I have added also my song to CTGMusic. But I haven't considerate the music communities when I were 14, and. When I had some problems tracking music, I've read the MPT guide and questioned to the TMA forums.


My “casual” tracked music production has passed across the usage on ProTracker on a real AMIGA, and, on April 2005, buying again that magazine of digital music, I have noted a tutorial for making music with modern DAWs: “Why don't try?”. The CD of that magazine have included a demo version of FL Studio 5: I've installed it, and noted his complex GUI, but, thanks for the help of the magazine, I have realized my very first song using FL Studio 5 (a short RnB track, can find at “Extrastuff” section). A bit of experience gained about DAWs, but my music in that time continued to be produced by ModPlug Tracker…
Another day, many months after (September 2005) I wanted to realize a tracker project, called “2nd autumn” but it was unfinished, because in that time I had to do homework and study hard, because is my first time I had to an High School! (Isn't like the Medium School, more hard!!). I have always read that magazine, and one day, I've had again the idea of compose a mine base with FL Studio. But the demo version of the program don't let save the projects, so I decided to buy the Producer Edition of the program ($149, hoping that are spend good…) and produced my very first song using FL Studio 5! The song is called “Alternative way to go” and it's Instrumental Hip-Hop, using the sample of “Monsta Mack” of Sir Mix-a-Lot, and was released at January 2006. In that time I had the necessity to use CTGMusic, because Modarchive forums aren't adapt for the Virtual Studio music. (In fact I've quested it, and the reply was: ”Go to CTGMusic, a community talking of Digital Music made with Virtual Studio like FL, Reason etc…) And, finally I used CTGMusic properly, when I've know some friends that helped me to the project. (I had also a review of my song, the score is 4,5 of 10… but not bad for be the first time!)
On 2006 I dedicated my time for FL Studio instead of ModPlug Tracker for make music, making another Techno project “Techno Slash”, and after, one day, I felt nostalgic of that tracking time: so I decided to make my last song using tracking programs, a song to say farewell of that time: The song is called “Farewell, Tracking Scene”, and is a slow, sad and ambient song (Inspirited on the same thing: a song with demostyle sounding, a mode to say farewell to the tracking scene); I've used some DirectX effects to make some reverb.


Okay, now my things are only for gain experience making DAW songs. I can't remember what I have make with that programs, because in that time, I haven't had much time to make songs. Another bad thing is my missing of imagination, another problem caused of my inexperience of making music. And so I've made some cheesy projects I don't remember too today, but surely with that I've know how to use FL properly, using mixer, compressor, etc…
April 2006 – October 2006: A white line of my musician story, because I haven't composed song in that date. I've think “The musician isn't my real hobby, I can't be a real musician, I can't make a decent song… L.” And also, in that time I've had other hobbies. Videogames, school, computer management, other fucks… But no music production. (maybe no one listened to my music?) I was just a music listener in that time. I've supported the CTG Music community, downloading and reviewing some songs, and participating on forums (off topics, talking about the Germany 2006 World Cup).

*** November 2006: The return of using FL Studio. ***

But the wish to compose songs with FL Studio one day returned, this time to make a remix, and listening to the main song of the Worms Theme, I decided to make a Club Remix, so I downloaded some samples and loops, and again at work with FL Studio! This remix is started that November 2006, but nowdays isn't finished yet, but at the same time on April 2007, I decided to start a new project.
I've also started a Psytrance project (not released yet), and with this I've meet for the first time Kilon, that telled me how to compose a good song. Nowdays I'm still in contact with him on MSN.
Listening again to the music modules, (ehm... I've stopped of compose tracked songs, but NOT of listening!) and, at Nectarine Demoscene Radio, I've noted again a song called "Trans Atlantic" of Lizardking/Triton, one of my first modules listened in the 2004. And after some time I had the idea to make a Club Remix for that! So I stopped to thing about the Worms Remix, and I started this! (Someday I'll complete the Worms Remix)
Missing of ideas on the May month, and on June 2007, I've completed my first serious FL Project!

*** My first Compo partecipation ***

So I started again to frequent CTG, and now it's the June of the 2007. I've finded also some friends that nowdays I'm contacting them with MSN.
And, at the 13 June of the 2007, I've had the occasion to partecipate to the CTG Music Competition! So I read the rules, I had an inspiration ready-to-compose, and I have started an slow-ambient project (Like the "Farewell Tracking Scene" style, this time maded with FL). The song is called "A moment Still in Time", it's completed on 3th of July, but I release that when the Compo is end.

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