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OK, this is my short biography

Daniel Somma (aka CDE MusiX, Soda, ds) is a growing skill music producer of electronic music. Gains his first creative experiences playing the Piano when he was 7 or 8, listening mainstream and 90ís music, and at the age of 14, composes his firstest song in Ambient/Dance style, using a sequencer Tracker, Scream Tracker 3, at that time quite old. Heís gone to meet first the world of the 90ís Demoscene, and then progressively the modern digital music production and his tools. Itís on the 2006 that he started to produce music using finally his first (and today used too) Audio/MIDI sequencer, FL Studio. Nowdays itís continuing to produce in order to improve his productive skills, studying the music and technics of any musical genre and style, trying to reach the semi-professional music levels (for the moment), and to find his real musical life style. With Internet, and so some little music production portals and communities (example CTGMusic, TraxInSpace and others), and for his English language speaking ability, it has meet many other friend with common interest, and itís also from them heís learning and inproving his production skills. In the 2007 he has produced the remix of Trans Atlantic, with which heís getting more known to the mainstream scene, getting some popularity (this remix was VIP awarded from the Italian Digital Music magazine). In the other life, the remix was also get known. Now heís evolving and getting into his real musical style (Electronica/Trance/Progressive)
In the 2008 he has rediscovered the demoscene, and watching some demos, he has said himself "I want to be a part of the demoscene... The demoscene let me grown in the music producing and it deserves my presence! In the other hand, demoscene isn't dead!" so he has decided to make a double life: Mainstream & Underground.
In this site he talks about his underground demoscene-related life, so nothing of commercial or mainstream life!
If you want to contact him for the other side of life, use his MySpace! ;)

Some identity data from me:

Real Name: Daniele Somma
Age: 17 (in the moment I'm writing)
Nationality: Italian
Job: (hard)Student
Hobbies: Computers, Internet, Music, Production, Videogames.
Creative Element: Musician
Kind of music: Electronica (I love electronic music, so I love all the genres such as Chillout, Dance etc.)
Favourite color: GREEN!
Things he LOVE: Demoscene, Music, Computers, Retro, Internet, friendship, and Pizza! Yum yum... :P
Things he HATE: Hypocrasy, Fashions, Arrogance, and the Lamers (Like Timbalame)
He wants: Become a great musician and producer, known in all the worlds, underground and mainstream. Join in a demogroup.
He don't wants: Follow the fashions like a sheep. He wants only follow his heart. Be a lamer and a jerk.

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